About PvPoke

Welcome to the site! PvPoke ("pee-vee-poke") is a Pokemon resource with a focus on open-source projects and tools to help you research and explore. It currently includes websites for Pokemon Unite and Pokemon GO PvP. PvPoke is built and maintained by one developer, Matthew (that's me), but wouldn't be possible without contributions and support from the wonderful people and organizations in the Pokemon community.

I began PvPoke as a way to explore Pokemon games while making cool things and having fun with friends. Now, I'm hoping to bring that same spirit to Pokemon Unite! Whether you want to dig deep into Held Items, share your favorite builds, or need a quick tip while choosing your team, I hope PvPoke Unite can be fun and helpful in your journey on Aeos Island. Good luck in the arena!

What's New

v1.1 (September 29th, 2021)

  • Added Pokemon data for Mamoswine